Michigan Pompon provides an artistic and athletic outlet for female students at the University of Michigan.  This organization strives to entertain and build community recognition through performances at competitions and participating in campus events while building teamwork, responsibility, and providing a supportive athletic and academic environment.  


Michigan Pompon was created in 2005 by Laura Hirshfield.  The inaugural season took place during the 2006-2007 school year.  It was Laura's desire to continue her experience with pompon at the collegiate level.  Today, Laura is finishing up her Ph.D. at Purdue University.  The foundation of the program she created is expanding and holding the mission for this organization in place.  We miss you Laura!

Mid-American Pompon

Michigan Pompon is a Mid-American Pompon style team.  Please check out the MAPP website at www.pompon.com for more information.

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Michigan Pompon is coached Katie Slovan and Amber Cohl. Katie is a Novi Pompon and Michigan State University Pompon Alumni, and previously spent several years working at the Mid American Pompon Studio, running day camps and judging competitions.  Amber is a former Novi JV and Garden City Middle School coach.  In recent years, she has performed as a professional dancer in the NFL and has now made the transition back to coaching at U of M.  We are so happy to have both of them for everything and truly note the difference they make in our team's success!